2005, 44, 3, 265-273



Waldemar Rastawicki, Marek Jagielski

Zakład Bakteriologii, Państwowy Zakład Higieny, ul. Chocimska 24,
00-791 Warszawa tel. (22) 542 12 40, e-mail:

Wpłynęło w grudniu 2004 r.

1. Wstęp. 2. Czynnik etiologiczny. 3. Patogeneza zakażeń wywoływanych przez F. tularensis. 4. Występowanie tularemii na świecie 5. Objawy kliniczne. 6. Laboratoryjna diagnostyka. 7. Chemioterapia zakażeń wywoływanych przez F. tularensis. 8. Szczepienia ochronne. 9. Tularemia jako broń biologiczna. 10. Podsumowanie


Abstract: Tularemia is a zoonosis caused by Francisella tularensis, a gram-negative, small facultative intracellular bacterium. F. tularensis is found in widely diverse animal hosts and habitats and can be recovered from contaminated water, soil, and vegetation. Human acquire infection through bites ticks, flies, and mosquitoes and by contact with animals, especially rodents. Two subspecies of F. tularensis are recognised on the basis of cultural characteristics, epidemiology, and virulence-tularensis (Type A) in North America and holarctica (Type B) in Eurasia. Tularemia is characterised by fever, apathy and septicaemia. In humans, there may be ulcers or abscesses at the site of inoculation and swelling of the regional lymph nodes. Because the causative agent of tularemia, F. tularensis, is one of the most infectious pathogenic bacteria known it may be used as a potential biological weapon.

1. Introduction. 2. Etiological agent. 3. Pathogenesis of F. tularensis infections. 4. Occurrence of tularemia in the World. 5. Clinical manifestations. 6. Laboratory diagnosis. 7. Chemotherapy of F. tularensis infections. 8. Protective vaccination. 9. Tularemia as a biological weapon. 10. Summary

Słowa kluczowe:     Francisella tularensis, patogeneza, diagnostyka,
                                chemioterapia, szczepienia, broń biologiczna
Key words:               Francisella tularensis, pathogenicity, diagnostics,
                                chemotherapy, vaccination, biological weapon


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