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Wpłynęło w grudniu 2004

1. Wstęp. 2. Objawy rozwoju drobnoustrojów w paliwach. 3. Drobnoustroje w benzynach lotniczych i paliwach do samolotów odrzutowych. 3.1. Charakterystyka zespołu drobnoustrojów. 4. Drobnoustroje w olejach napędowych. 4.1. Drobnoustroje w samochodowych olejach napędowych. 4.2. Drobnoustroje w okrętowych olejach napędowych. 5. Drobnoustroje w benzynach silnikowych. 6. Ochrona paliw przed skaoeniem mikrobiologicznym. 7. Podsumowanie

Microbiological contamination of fuels

Abstract: The present study shows the state of research with relation to the incidence of microorganisms in fuels and the consequences of their presence in these products. The study proved, that the problem of presence of microorganisms in fuels is a topic still up to date. The appearance of ecological fuels may be the reason of escalation of this occurrence. According to some researchers, the introduction to fuels even a little amount of methylic ester of rapeseed oil can increase its compliance to the biodegradation. The introduction of unleaded petrol, as well as ecological Diesel oil can be a danger because presumably they are more supple to the biodegradation, than petrol containing the lead. Forthcoming years will verify these hypotheses

1. Introduction. 2. The symptoms of development of microorganisms in fuels. 3. The microorganisms in the aviation fuels and in jet fuels. 3.1. The description of a group of microorganisms. 4. The microorganisms in Diesel fuels. 4.1. The microorganisms in Diesel fuels used in cars engines. 4.2 The microorganisms in Diesel fuels used in ships engines. 5. The microorganisms in the engine gasoline. 6. The preservation of fuels from microbiological contamination. 7. Summary

Słowo kluczowe: zanieczyszczenia drobnoustrojami, benzyny lotnicze, paliwa silników odrzutowych, paliwa silników Diesla

Key words: microbial contamination, aviation fuels, jed fuels, Diesel fuels


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